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Tote Bag

100% polyester, side pockets, web handles. 12”h x 14”w x 6.5”

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Basic Tote Bag Price Chart

1 - 4 Tote Bag $25.00 each

5 - 19 Tote Bag $23.50 each

20 - 49 Tote Bag $22.00 each

50 - 100 Tote Bag $20.00 each

Cinch bag

100% oxford nylon, matching drawstraps,  PVC accented bottom grommets, 16.5”h x 14.5”w

Basic Cinch Bag Price Chart

1 - 4 Sweatshirts $22.00 each

5 - 19 Sweatshirts $21.00 each

20 - 49 Sweatshirts $20.00 each

50 - 100 Sweatshirts $18.00 each

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Coming Soon

All prices do not include tax

50% of your order must be paid before production can start a quote will always be provided for your approval.

The remainder of your invoice will need to be paid before delivery

Basic Bag orders

Q:  What kind of art work or pictures can I put on my Bag?

A:  We can take digital copies of your art work, original art work and photos.  We will then carefully look it over a inform you if any alterations will be needed.  Basic designs that do not need any alterations are included in the basic price chart.

Q:  Can Trendy Not create a design for me?

A:  We sure can.  Basic type only designs are included in the basic price chart.  If you would like something a bit more special, Faith Varvara, our in house designer can create something just for you.  Prices will vary depending on time needed and what kind of art work you would like.  Faith has been commissioned for many art projects and is a accomplished professional artist.

At Trendy Not we expect that you have many other questions.  We are happy to answer them all.  We also want to be able to help you with all your requests to the best of our ability.  Please feel free to email us at any time.  We will try to reply to all emails with in 24 hours.